C.O.P.E. at the “VINTAGE Parade and challenge!”

On the 7th of December 2023, at the Festival Hall of the Casino of Arco, the “Riuso-REplus Center” of Riva del Garda organised an important event entitled “VINTAGE Parade and challenge!”

During that afternoon, adolescents of two classes of the “UPT School” of Arco were the protagonists and had the opportunity to take part in a window dressing challenge.

The students, divided into four groups, competed to create the most original showcase with the materials from the reuse centre.

The event was open to all and as enriched by the performance of the dancers of the “SEESAW Project” dance company, which gave life to a particular dance parade with the use only of second-hand clothes and accessories from the REplus Center.

Raising awareness on the topic of recycling and reuse, fostering aggregation among young people, encouraging moments of expression, developing skills and abilities of individuals and groups, promoting actions in line with the concept of sustainability, are just some of the objectives achieved by this project.

The presence of a COPE information corner inside the hall has been important, in such a context.