C.O.P.E. Interim Stakeholder Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

We are glad to announce that the C.O.P.E. Interim Stakeholder Conference will take place next week, Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th – February 2023, in Zagreb (Croatia), hosted by the Project Partner European Foundation for Philanthropy and Society Development, that will welcome the onsite participants.

The main aim of this Conference is to focus on three major challenges that the C.O.P.E. project has to face in the near future:

  1. NEET engagement strategies: success experiences of NEET engagement and how can they be replicated;
  2. Intervention implementation strategies: develop partnerships between community assets and local health, social care, and employment services to create a network of support for NEETs;
  3. Sustainability strategies: address challenges related to funding, human resources and measurement.

Another important aim is to promote mutual knowledge and enrichment through the several interactive moments foreseen, both for the online and in-presence audience, which will be done through a “best practice sharing roundtable” and workshops.

The Agenda of the meeting and the Information sheet provide some additional information.

Soon we will share the main outcomes!