C.O.P.E participated in the EaSI Meeting in Brussels 

The full-day EaSI event on Minimum Income took place on April 25th in Brussels, joined by C.O.P.E project team representatives, who attended with the other EaSI Program beneficiaries. This meeting aimed to continue our discussion that started last Summer about the policy content of the minimum income area, based on all EaSI project experiences. It has been a very good and timely opportunity for every project and the EC officers to have a meaningful exchange and to get to know each other’s activities, especially through a physical encounter. 

The morning started with two presentations: 

  • Mr Jifl Svarc (Head of Unit – Social Policies, Child Guarantee, SPC Unit) presented: “The European pillar of social rights and ict action plan”. 
  • Mrs Katalins Szatmori (Policy Officer – Social Policies, Child Guarantee, SPC Unit) spoke about “Council recommendation on adequate minimum income, ensuring active inclusion”. 

The presentation of 3 selected projects in three areas followed: 

  • Improving take up and reaching out to potential beneficiaries 
  • Personalized needs assessment practices 
  • Social inclusion plans, supported by integrated models of service provision 

Sara Paternoster, C.O.P.E Advisory Board representative, gave a presentation regarding our project experience as part of the “Social inclusion plans”. 

In the afternoon a plenary discussion about the 3 grounds took place, with the participation of the whole active group. Each subject had a facilitator among the EC staff. Sharing and discussion has been very well participated both in the morning and the afternoon session, with the presentation of C.O.P.E.