C.O.P.E. Study Visit in Finland Explores Innovative Social Prescribing Initiatives

The C.O.P.E. project embarked on an enlightening study visit in Finland, on June 7 and 8, delving into pioneering social prescribing practices that empower youth and strengthen communities.

-Central Hospital of Lapland – Lapin hyvinvointialue Visit

The study visit commenced with a guided tour of the newly renovated Lapland Central Hospital, led by Paula and Yukka from Lapin amk. Participants gained insights into the psychiatric unit and explored the hospital’s latest facilities.

-VAMOS Diakonissalaitos – Empowering Youth Holistically

After lunch, the partners visited VAMOS Diakonissalaitos in the city center. This project, catering to individuals aged 16 to 30, showcased a holistic approach to youth empowerment across various life aspects.

– Ohjamoo Ohjaamo Rovaniemi – Innovative Guidance Center

The day concluded with a visit to Ohjamoo Ohjaamo Rovaniemi, an innovative guidance center dedicated to individuals under 30. Participants had the opportunity to explore this dynamic space.

– Lapin University of Applied Sciences – Link Worker Model Discussion

Day two revolved around the “Link worker model” discussion at Lapin University of Applied Sciences. Practical tools for interaction with Link Workers were explored, along with meeting tools, guidelines, and community network best practices.

-Sharing Insights from Lapland’s Link Workers

Three Link Workers from Lapland’s rural areas shared their experiences, challenges, and goals with partners, shedding light on the vital role of Link Workers.

The day culminated in a roundtable discussion where participants reflected on the study visit’s experiences. The exchange of ideas reinforced the understanding that the COPE project and social prescribing continue to evolve, thanks to dedicated Link Workers and the inspiring individuals they serve.

The study visit in Finland served as a source of inspiration and collaboration, bringing fresh perspectives to the ever-evolving world of social prescribing.

Stay tuned for more updates on the C.O.P.E. project and its international initiatives.