CO.P.E. Advisory Board Meeting Fuels Innovative Social Inclusion Project

CO.P.E.’s Advisory Board convened on October 4th, 2023, to discuss our pioneering social inclusion project for NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). The meeting involved 26 experts from various fields who explored the project’s future strategies.

The Advisory Board, which includes members from the Scientific Advisory Group and Supervisory Board, aims to facilitate critical discussions on the project’s evolution, and this particular meeting allowed to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the project, through a SWOT analysis method.

The meeting opened by Sara Paternoster, ensured a productive and inclusive discussion. Emanuele Torri presented the project’s core objectives, focusing on its mission to create a new relationship between stakeholders in both the public and private sectors, promoting collaborative approaches for optimal results.

Marcelo Bertotti delved into the concept of relational proximity, emphasizing the importance of uniting different aspects of health and well-being to benefit NEETs. Sonia Dias highlighted the project’s significance for schools and the community. The project was applauded for breaking traditional labels and emphasizing that NEETs are individuals facing NEET situations.

The meeting also discussed the potential of technology as a tool for fostering community and collaboration, reinforcing the idea that CO.P.E. aims to link, not separate, and avoid labelling individuals.

CO.P.E. aspires to integrate its innovative model into mainstream services, promote social inclusion, and create awareness at local, national, and European levels. Sustainability is central, encompassing financial, organisational, professional, cultural, environmental, and community-based aspects.

In the quest for systemic change and social innovation, CO.P.E. aims to impact youth employment, education, social inclusion, and mental well-being, paving the way for NEETs to flourish in society.