CO.P.E. Project’s Innovations Take Centre Stage at Universal Mental Health Right 2023 Event

The Universal Mental Health Right 2023 event, hosted in Bologna on October 10th, became a platform to showcase the innovative approaches of the COPE project. This event aimed to connect institutions, services, subjects and people interested in the topic of recovery and mental health at a metropolitan city level and to encourage comparison with other realities that have started recovery paths in their cities.

It was a time dedicated to discussion between professionals relating to health and social services, users, family members and citizens, and also with the participation of Link workers operating in Bologna / Casalecchio.

Many topics have been discussed: recovery college, well-being, community work and cohesion with the territory, health budget, and the topic very dear to our heart: social prescribing presented by Daniel Hayes of the University College of London.

In addition to the important contributions of experts, we were able to share experience and knowledge about paths of change.

It has been an opportunity for reflection and exchange, emotionally enriching.