COPE joins multi-agency mental health initiatives

COPE project participates as members of various multi agency working groups at provincial and national level: A working group on social withdrawal and mental health, coordinated by the provincial Education Department; A working group on young people in prison, coordinated by a provincial  association that provides specialised interventions and projects to the prison of the province; A working group on quantitative and qualitative research on social withdrawal and young people in NEET situation, coordinated by the Hikikomori provincial and national association.

One of the COPE project member participates to the Project Advisory Committee of the European project “Child & Youth wellbeing and mental health first: Address mental health and psychosocial support needs of children and youth in Italy”. The Project is funded by the European Union in four member states (Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Slovenia) and implemented by UNICEF Europe. The beneficiary authorities are the Italian Ministry of Health, the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and ProMIS Programma Mattone Internazionale Salute. This opportunity opens another collaboration and networking at European level for COPE project.