COPE meets the Self Help Association


On Friday 1st of December, in a room of the Museum MUSE Trento, the AMA Association (Self Help Association of Trento) organised the national conference on “The new solitudes. The risks and potential of video games.”

The conference had around sixty participants who were able to draw on interesting reflections and ideas on the hardships of the youth world, school dropouts, young people in NEET situation, Hikikomori, gaming.

AMA is an association that has been working for years in the province of Trentino, spreading mutual self-help in various areas and proposing projects for young people, in particular for Hikikomori and social retreats.

The collaboration with them took place right from the first steps of the COPE project and during the conference I was able to make the COPE materials available.

The interesting thing is that during the conference I was able to interface/speak with around 15 people to find interested people and possible alliances as people present from different areas and territories of Trentino, all but one knew about the project.