COPE project at the event “Youth Dialogues on Mental Health and Social Inclusion”

On 9th December the COPE Project was present at the “Youth Dialogues on Mental Health and Social Inclusion”, an online event held by NLO (Nobody Let Outside) in collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) – Regional Office for Europe.

This event featured a presentation by Amanda Shriwise of the WHO, and further 42 participants were divided into four discussion rooms, led by young people, where they discussed and shared their experiences. 

From this sharing some suggestions where brought by young participants, such as the importance of involving young people, co-designing services with young people themselves, tailoring the support depending on age, so that individual needs are better met and remembering that one size does not fits everybody. Also, ensure good referral systems, information and integrated work on mental health, equal access to mental care, educating health professionals on the mental health issues of young people and their diversity, fostering a regular dialogue with policy and decision-makers and keeping in mind the power of peer to peer education, especially for young people.

Mostly, young people ask not to be judged or discriminated against so that they can have the courage to say they are not OK and that they need help!

This is also an issue to which the COPE project aims to contribute so that young NEETs feel the support of the communities where they live, “Hosted by Nobody Left Outside”!