COPE Showcases Results at International NOVA Conference in Ljubljana

The COPE project’s findings were presented at the NOVA project’s international conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 28, 2024. The conference, titled “Social and labour market integration of people from vulnerable groups: approaches, practices, challenges,” provided a platform to share experiences and knowledge on supporting vulnerable populations.

The NOVA project, funded by the European Commission’s Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion (EaSI) program, focuses on innovative and sustainable approaches to social and labour market integration. The project, led by Serbia’s Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, partnered with institutions from Serbia and Slovenia to pilot capacity-building programs and enhance cooperation between social, employment, and care services for vulnerable groups.

The NOVA conference brought together representatives from the NOVA project consortium, host country Slovenia, the European Union, and other EaSI projects such as COPE. This diverse group engaged in discussions on best practices, challenges, and opportunities for integrating vulnerable groups into society and the labour market.

The COPE project’s presentation at the NOVA conference featured the successful results achieved by the interventions in Italy and Portugal. Moreover, this participation shows our commitment to knowledge sharing and collaborative efforts towards a more inclusive society. This exchange of knowledge fostered collaboration and discussion on effective strategies for supporting vulnerable populations across Europe.