Project COPE brings together technicians from six regions of the country in Porto for the mental health of young people 

On May 4th, a significant meeting took place in the city of Porto, bringing together prominent researchers from ENSP – Regina Alves, Maria João Marques, and Joana Henriques – along with technicians from six regions of the country. The purpose of this event was the exchange of experiences and innovative strategies, seeking to promote integration, health, and well-being of young people through a networked and close approach. 

The central focus of the discussions was on promoting mental health, with special attention to combating loneliness, which has become one of the main concerns among technicians working with NEET youth. The meeting was held within the scope of the European project C.O.P.E. 

During the meeting, participants shared ideas and best practices to combat loneliness, aiming to provide necessary support to young people facing these difficulties. The emphasis on collaboration between institutions and professionals from different regions of the country underscores the importance of a collective and coordinated approach to addressing the challenges of mental health and social isolation among young people. 

Project C.O.P.E. has played a crucial role in bringing together experts and professionals from various fields to tackle this issue of national relevance. By promoting innovative strategies and the creation of support networks, the aim is to create a healthier and more inclusive environment for Portuguese youth, ensuring that they have access to meaningful opportunities and a more promising future.