The COPE team “Van Tour” experience in Trentino


The awareness day of March 28 shows the solidarity of the Garda community to the project, and it also expresses interest in the theme and its development. Working with energy and enthusiasm was the goal of the day, while believing in the energy of the new generations was and is the message that we want to spread. These meetings help to build a culture of responsibility and prevention on the complexity of the NEET situation; some live it, others ignore it, many fear it and many others simply wait for an answer. The interaction and the disputed turnout between the different generations (Generation X (1965-1980) Millennials (1981-1996) and Generation Z (1997-2012) enhance the culture of communication. The “Van Team” takes its first steps in Riva and then in Arco, finishing the cycle of awareness at the Pernone church in Varone. The last stop allowed the team and the link workers to expose the project and highlight the importance of spreading the idea of proximity networks.

What about the COPE van’s next stops in Trentino?

2 May in Cles, in the square in front of the library

9 May in Rovereto, in the market area

15 May in Tione, with the final meeting in the afternoon.

Updates on the COPE van’s stop in Trento will follow!