Training for New Link Workers Empowers Holistic Support System for NEETs in COPE Project 

The Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione (FTC) held a crucial training session for new Link Workers on May 17th as part of the COPE project. The primary focus of this training was to introduce the COPE project and delve into discussions about territorial work and the pivotal role of Link Workers in supporting NEETs. 

During the training, significant emphasis was placed on establishing effective communication channels between Link Workers and Social Services. This integrated approach aims to optimize outcomes and create a comprehensive support system for NEETs. By bringing together the efforts of Link Workers and Social Services, the project strives to offer a more holistic and effective support structure for the vulnerable NEET population. 

One of the central themes discussed in the training was the integration of Link Workers’ intervention with the directives of Social Services. Recognizing the vital role these components play in supporting NEETs, efforts are underway to strengthen their collaboration. The importance of interaction and seamless coordination between Link Workers and Social Services was emphasized by the COPE partners, Link Workers, and other stakeholders present in the training. 

The positive outcomes of the training have paved the way for further meetings between the Link Workers and the Italian pilot program. These upcoming discussions aim to enhance support and interventions for NEETs, reinforcing the project’s commitment to a more inclusive and comprehensive approach.