Who we are

Project parters

Autonomous Province of Trento

The Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) through the Department of Health and social policies leads the development of innovative solutions to support advanced models of service management in social and health care provided to the citizens in an integrated manner by multiple agencies and organizations, both public and private. These solutions respond to principles like usability and transparency, addressing issues of assistance, care, promoting well-being and social inclusion, also though the involvement of health and social services.

Coges Don Milani Agenzia Sociale

Coges is an NGO carrying out productive activities with the scope of labour inclusion of vulnerable people, and social/health services. Such activities include residential treatments for addicted people (drugs, alchool, gambling, food, etc.), management of educational communities for unaccompanied and in legal paths minors and reception centers for vulnerable people (refugees, asylum seekers, homeless). Since 2004 it is accredited officialy by Veneto Region as Training Institution (life earning, orientation and higher education) as well as Service for Work (training and labour inclusion). It is also provider for ECM (life learning medical education), the traning dedicated to healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc.).

National School of Public Health of NOVA University of Lisbon

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA), is a public higher education institution dedicated to serve society through knowledge since 1973. Within NOVA, the Comprehensive Health Research Centre aims at supporting, developing and fostering clinical, public health and health services research. The CHRC team, made up of more than 230 researchers (125 PhDs, 108 non-PhDs and 47 collaborators from 26 institutions) with different backgrounds and skills, is supported by strong specialized offices (Statistics & Modelling Support Office, Biobank, Genetic Lab, Clinical Trials Unit, Portuguese Clinical Research Infrastructure Network and Technology Transfer Office).

European Foundation for Philanthropy and Development of Society

The European Foundation for Philantrophy and Society Development is based in Zagreb, Croatia and aims to participate in the creation of an enabling environment for the development of philanthropy and the culture of giving for the common good. EZFDR aims to promote public advocacy of philanthropy and foundations according to the standards of the European Union, inform and provide support to interested individuals with regard to the development of individual philanthropy and foundations, organize education and training programs for the representatives of the foundations from the Republic of Croatia and to organize public discussions on the topics of the development of philanthropy, social innovations and social development.

Trentino Federation of Cooperation 

The Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione (FTC) is a cooperative federation founded in 1895. It groups almost all the cooperative enterprises of the Trentino region (about 500), and counts 255.000 cooperative members (out of approx. 500.000 inhabitants). FTC acts as representative of the regional cooperation system, providing assistance, consulting, supervision, political representation and auditing services to coops organized into 5 main sectors: agriculture, retail, credit, labour & services and social & housing. Among the members of the Federation there are more than 50 social co-operatives co-ordinated by a consortium (Con.Solida) employing about 800 people, with the contribution of thousands of ‘volunteers’ helping about ten thousand disadvantaged people.

SHINE 2Europe

SHINE 2Europe aims to promote inclusive communities to all citizens, by delivering research and support to the implementation of tech-Savvy, Healthy and INclusivE solutions. With a clear vision of fostering societal growth and inclusiveness, SHINE promotes sharing of good practices, active networking between different stakeholders and countries and projects in areas deemed as essential to society, such as equality and inclusion, ethical behaviour and environmental responsibility. SHINE chairs the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly is a Member of the Focus Group of the EU Pact for Skills for the Proximity and Social Economy ecosystem.

University of East London 

The University launched its 10-year strategy – Vision 2028 – in January 2019. Vision 2028 comprises four key objectives: FUTURE GRADUATE Better for our students – by delivering life-changing, life-long education and training FUTURE PROFESSIONAL Better for employers – by providing graduates equipped for the future of work FUTURE LIFE Better for our communities – by improving the impact of our activities on those we serve SUSTAINABILITY Better for the University – by increasing financial, economic, environmental, human and social sustainability.